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Eight Best Gifts for an Avid Bowhunter

As I am writing this Fathers day is a mere three days away, but I know this topic is relevant to many other holidays as well. How do I know? Because from Black Friday through December 22 of every year my phone explodes with frantic texts from my hunting buddy’s family inquiring about what hunting gear my friends might need. So without farther adieu: The eight best gift ideas for bowhunters.
    1.    Broadheads. As a bow hunter, you’re always going to need broadheads. These are one of those things that you can never really have too many of. The only problem with us bowhunters is that we can be awfully picky about our gear, so buying broadheads as a gift may require a little snooping. Find his bow case and snap a picture of the broadhead in his quiver. Bring it to a local store and have them identify it. A three pack of those heads will be a much appreciated gift and should run between $35 and $45.

    2.    Wind Indicator. Unless your loved one exclusively bowhunts turkeys, wind plays a large roll in each and every hunting trip, making it a pretty safe gift idea. Monitoring the wind is absolutely critical. It’s hard to go wrong with the $30 Wyndscent Grenade

    3.    Trail Cameras. Yet another one of those things that is hard to have too many of. Trail cameras can be used year round for monitoring deer and other game. In fact, your loved one has probably over enthusiastically shown you pictures of a deer from one of these trail cameras and had a hard time wiping the smile off his face. These run anywhere from $69 to $300, depending on brand. I suggest going with the bulletproof warranty of a Lift from Exodus Outdoor Gear

    4.    Subscription to a Mobile Scouting App. Now this one is a little less tangible, but incredibly valuable, especially if he loves DIY Public land hunts or is always looking for new land to hunt. An app like this should show property lines, weather, and predict the best time to hit the woods. An added bonus, It helps to keep him safe as it doubles as a GPS in case he gets lost. My personal favorite is Huntwise.

    5.    A Camera Arm. A lot of hunters have the desire to film their hunts. Filming requires a camera arm to keep the camera steady while the hunter focuses on the shot. Packability, Adjustability, and Affordability are all qualities to look for.  If your favorite bowhunter has mentioned filming hunts in the past than a camera arm may be the perfect gift idea! The industry standard is the Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm.

    6.    A Good Target.  Deer hunting may only last for a couple of months, but as you probably know, we shoot our bows year round. Having a solid target to shoot increases our confidence and helps relieve some stress as well. There are many great options out there, but a bag target from Morrell is among my favorites.

    7.    Treestand. Depending on his hunting style you can always get him a good treestand. If he is a public land hunter he will likely want a hang on stand or a climber. If he hunts the same core property frequently a nice ladder stand is hard to beat. Prices vary, but I’d budget between $90 to $250 for a nice stand. If you’re looking for the best, Lone Wolf will have you covered.

    8.    Ozone Go– With every gas station or lunch stop comes unwanted scent. Deer and most other game will flee at the faintest whiff of any human smell or any smell they associate with humans. The Ozone go is an on-the-go ozone generator that aids in eliminating those unwanted odors! Get yours from Scent Crusher!

Now you have it! Some of the best gifts to get your favorite hunter for any holiday! If you’re a bowhunter yourself feel free to leave a comment adding another product that you’d love to open on your Birthday/Fathers Day/ or Christmas. If you’re feeling particularly straightforward you can even send your significant other the link to this article! If you’re shopping for a bowhunter…Congratulations on finding that perfect gift your hunter will enjoy for years to come!