Start Filming Hunts for under $500

Start Filming Hunts for under $500

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The hunt/film industry has exploded over the last several years. Many guys and girls are looking to start filming hunts but don’t know exactly where to start. There’s no doubt about it- it can be overwhelming. To simplify things, I have outlined the main qualities to look for in a budget friendly setup for filming hunts.

    1.    Affordable: You want to film your hunts and earn a position as a prostaffer but don’t want to break the bank. Yes, filming is an investment, but it isn’t as bad as you might think. Many beginners think that buying a $499 GoPro is a great start, but truthfully, you can get an entire budget kit for $499. While GoPro’s great marketing may be persuasive, a GoPro’s wide angle will make your deer at 10 yards look like he is out at 100 yards. A POV action cam is great for a secondary angle, but only after you have a primary angle on your hunt.

    2.    Portable: Getting into filming your hunts is always exciting. What happens when the novelty wears off and your camera rig weighs too much and is loud setting up? You get sloppy. You begin hitting the woods without a camera. I can’t tell you how many hunters have shot their deer off film on that one time where they chose to leave the camera at home. You don’t want to be that guy. When choosing an arm heavily consider what will be the lightest and most packable system.

    3.    Adjustable: A pet peeve of many videographers is a limited range of adjustment. This primarily pertains to your camera arm, the key piece that supports your fluid head and camera. Some camera arms require a very straight tree in order to level. Save yourself some frustration and make sure you look for a highly adjustable and stable arm. Note: Run from anything that simply screws into the tree or has a tiny stamped “base”.

    4.    What is your purpose? As with any decision you make in life, ask yourself why? Why do you want to start filming hunts? Is it because you are on a prostaff that requires it, or is it because you want to start a TV or online hunting show? Filming hunts isn’t for everybody, it takes dedication, time, money, and extra gear. Benefits are being able to replay the shot to determine point of impact, capturing memories forever, documenting reactions of friends and kids, and capturing some of the greatest moments in your life as you film a successful harvest.Before jumping into filming your hunts you have to determine if the payoff will be greater than the extra work.
You’re all in? Great! This rough guide will explain in greater detail what features to look for in a filming setup and will get a solid setup for under $500

Video Camera: $249

    •    Minimum of 10x optical zoom
    •    Manual Focus
    •    High Definition
    •    Positive Ratings
    •    For some examples click here.

Camera Arm: $159 Stiff Arm found on this site

    •    Large Range of adjustability
    •    Space Saving and Light weight
    •    Affordable bases for each stand location
    •    Good Reviews

Fluid Head: $79 found on this site

    •    Size that fits your camera well
    •    Good Reviews
Good luck in the woods this fall with your bow, gun, and camera!

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