Triple Arm (KIT)

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Weight only: 2 lbs 6 oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, 3.0 Base or Talon, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 5 lb 1 oz
Length of arm: 34 inches

Total Reach: 40 inches
Rated weight: 10 lbs (8 lbs with Talon)



  • Fourth Arrow Triple Arm
  • Fourth Arrow 3.0 Shoulder
  • Fourth Arrow 3.0 Base (or Talon)
  • Non-stretch Ratchet Strap

Lightweight Aluminum Construction

360 Degree Leveling On Any Tree

Customer Reviews

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Josh White
Great product but I have some complaints

Great product, does what it's supposed to but the kit is heavy. With the video head, and all, it's more like 10 pounds. However not a deal breaker. Just makes it harder to get to and from with the slew of other equipment I bring with me (camera, mics, tactacams, then hunting equipment), a couple more complaints are the rachet strap and the arm can be noisy. The rachet strap is in my opinion the only piece of the kit that fourth arrow cheaped out on, the clicking of the rachet strap is noisy, and really tough to set up when your in a tree stand with limited space. The arm itself is metal, and if your not careful, it will cling and ping against anything else metal naturally. I don't understand why it's not coated in noise dampening rubber or maybe make the whole thing out of some kind of plastic or composite? Other than those small things, it's a great product and I do recommend. Just keep your cool with it and have patience when you set it up in a tree stand, it can get very aggravating but it's straight forward and easy to set up. Just not easy when the weather conditions are subpar, or user is in a hurry. I would like to say that the product does it's job very well, other than the things I mentioned above, it's a solid arm. Does what it's supposed to do.

Mark Seaman
Rock Solid

Well I have been self filming for many years now as well as filming for my YouTube Channel BlueSea Bushcraft & Outdoors. This has been a game changer for self filming. I bought all the cheaper ones thinking they would do. Nope!!! Heavy and near useless. The ability to level the triple arm so easily just by loosening a screw and level it using the bubble is so simple. The arm is silent and generates no noise when articulating it. The talon base grips so well to the tree with no movement. Now the triple arm does not readily bounce but there is some flex when extended but it hasn’t affected my video quality. The ratchet strap is noisy as some others have mentioned but with the amount of cranks to secure it was not excessive. I think it all comes down to what and where you are hunting. My only gripe is being Canadian and the inherent duty and taxes I had to pay. It cost me a pretty penny. Overall I love the arms and would definitely buy more. I just hope the shipping options change to benefit Canadian buyers. The fourth arrow hit the target 🎯 ps I also purchased the fluid head to compliment the set up and it works flawlessly as well

Garry Greenwalt
Best arm on the market…PERIOD!

Self filming archery hunts is challenging at best…the triple arm with the Talon kit gives me the flexibility to position the camera exactly where I want it to capture quality shots. It provides a stable, smooth operating platform that is quick and quiet to set up. Highly, highly recommended!

Randy Dunmire
Great Quality

You will not find a camera arm on the market that is made any better than Fourth Arrow. Fourth Arrow takes pride in all their products and it shows. This Triple arm has great reach maneuverable in thigh spaces.

Drew Akemon
Extended Reach!

Super durable product can really get all the way around the tree with this triple arm I like it much better than my previous double arm for saddle hunting.