Baton Arm 2.0 (KIT)

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Video Head


Weight only: 2 lbs
Kit Weight (Arm + Ratchet): 2 lb 6 oz lbs
Length of Arm Collapsed: 15.5 inches
Total Reach: 25 inches
Rated weight: 6 lbs



  • Baton Arm 2.0 (base, shoulder, and arm all in one)
  • Ratchet Strap

Optional Add-ons

  • Mini Video Head
  • Phone Mount

Patent Pending fold-in design

Easy Level System

Weighing in at 2lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Michael Roberts
Baton camera arm with mini head

The camera arm is a nice little arm for the price,and your getting what you pay for at that price point, the mini head I found to be unbelievably cheap and can't see that thing lasting even in my pack for a few trips to the treestand, I believe fourth arrow is becoming a great company with good advertising but I believe this head could be way better at a higher price and have much better quality, it actually feels like something you could get out of a bin at the dollar store, I do like the arm and this company, please don't take this review personal or disrespectful, they reached out for my comments and I'm just being honest, God bless to all

Jacob Lynch
It's worth it

Bought this a couple of months ago its quick and easy and so quiet and smooth I love this camera arm and have shot some good bow hunting footage with it already this season. It's definitely a game changer! Highly recommend it!

Baton Arm Kit

Is it the best top of the line product? No. It doesn’t claim to be. It’s an entry level product that does the job significantly better than similar products. I bought this arm to use with my tethrd saddle and I can honestly say it doesn’t disappoint. It can be a little loud on your first use when you’re setting up, but stealth strips and familiarity with the arm negates majority of the sound. Once setup, the arm is smooth and levels easily. I am able to reach every angle I need for a shot quickly and quietly. The only con I have is the ratcheting system, and it’s slightly bulky and can hit metal to metal if you’re not extra careful, but once again, stealth strips can negate almost all of it.

Dan Furmanik
Absolutely Perfect!

The Baton Arm Kit is literally "absolutely perfect" for my self-filming needs and has allowed me to "downsize" my current camera arm but still be able to use a high-quality Sony HD video camera (NX-70) with no issues whatsoever. Additionally, as a "Saddle Hunter", the smaller "profile" and overall "extended length" is perfectly suited for my "self-filming style"...with the "Baton Arm" being able to cover both "strong side & weak side" coverage for the camera to capture the video along with an easy method of "leveling". This is literally the "Absolutely Perfect" camera arm that I have ever purchased for my needs...and I have been "self-filming" for over 25 years with many different "configurations" of "Camera & Arms"...and "Absolutely Perfect" combo for my hunting needs! EXCELLENT QUALITY & AWESOME DESIGN..."ABSOLUTELY PERFECT"!~

Jacob Cutter
Good for beginners.

I bought this a year ago and used it all last season. You can definitely tell this is the base model. The strap and base of the arm are both loud to set up. Some of it rusted over last season making it a bit stiff now. I’m hoping some WD-40 will loosen it back up. I had to put camo duct tape on it so it would not stick out. Otherwise it was a good little camera arm. It’s compact and lightweight which is nice.