Final Rest Fixed Blind Shooting V System (KIT)

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The all new Final Rest Shooting Systems are on the cutting edge of shooting rest technology. Final Rest Shooting Systems take up zero floor space in your blind and they offer a wide range of motion without sacrificing shot stability.



    •    Down Post Receiver Base

    •    Down Post Receiver Screw

    •    Fourth Arrow Extension Arm and Tripod Adaptor (down post receiver)

    •    Shooting V or shooting yoke


Have a fixed blind or shooting shack on your property that you would like to set up a shooting rest system in? The Fixed Blind Shooting Rest System allows you to do just that. Simply mount the base on your blind with 6 screws, drop in your Tripod Adaptor (down post receiver), lock down with the down post receiver screw, and drop in the Outreach with the shooting V and you are all set.

The Fixed Blind Shooting Rest offers the stability and range of motion you need in a shooting rest system.


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