Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Elite (KIT)

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This Kit Includes:

•    Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Elite
    •    Fourth Arrow Shoulder
    •    Fourth Arrow Standard Base
    •    Ratchet Strap
    •    Fourth Arrow Shoulder Tool

Weight only: 2 lbs 5 oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, Base, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 6 lbs 3 oz
Length of arm: 36 inches
Total Reach: 42 inches
Rated weight: 10 lbs

Stiff Arm Elite Features

The Stiff Arm Elite is an incredible new addition to the Fourth Arrow lineup. The Elite arm boasts some great new features to allow you to get the smoothest footage from a tree yet. The arm utilizes the all new wedge lock system instead of a traditional downpost. This new systems offers an amazing increase in total arm stability. Also new are ball bearings in the shoulder allowing you to capture super smooth footage. Plus we added a tension adjustment on the side of the shoulder where you can micro adjust the tension or flow of the arm with an Allen wrench.

•    Lightweight aluminum construction
    •    360 degree leveling on any tree
    •    Extremely packable design
    •    Affordable multi base system (put a base in every tree you hunt frequently)
    •    3/8” 16 threading for mounting a video head
    •    Fourth Arrow video head available for smooth camera motion

Bonus Features

•    Down-post ball bearings for extreme smooth motion
    •    Tension Adjustment for micro adjusting arm tension
    •    Wedge lock shoulder system for rock solid stability

Stiff Arm Elite Features

The Stiff Arm Elite is built with a new Wedge Lock system that ensures the shoulder and the arm fit perfectly together. An easy-to-operate thumb screw keeps the wedge locked in place at all times and is extremely easy to loosen when removing the arm from the base.

In addition to those improvements, the down post comes with two ball bearings so the arm is quiet and smooth as the arm is moved to get the perfect angle when filming. The added adjustable tension screw means the tension of the arm can be quickly and easily adjusted with minimal effort.

The affordable base system allows for a camera arm base with every treestand meaning quieter and faster setups.

Our compact patent pending shoulder easily slides into the base and brings you precision leveling with 360 degrees of rotation and 60 degrees of total angle. This is over TWICE our competitors range of motion, allowing you to level your camera arm anywhere.

Furthermore, the Fourth Arrow system packs extremely well. Whether you are packing in a base or already have one in the tree, the system is designed to minimize wasted space in your pack.

Features that set the Elite arm apart the other Fourth Arrow arms.

  • •    The arm locks tightly into the shoulder ensuring that the arm is always rock solid.
        •    The arm has actual bearings that make the arm extremely smooth and fluid. Also, there is an adjustment screw that allows you to minutely adjust the pull or drag of the camera arm.