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Micro Base and Shoulder Combo (Kit)


You asked. We delivered. Introducing our most compact and lightweight base and shoulder yet.

This Kit Includes:

    •    Micro Base

    •    Micro Shoulder

Base with Strap Weight only: 1.6 lb
Shoulder Weight only: 1.7 lb
Rated for: 7.5 lbs of camera
Compatible with: Stiff Arm, Carbon Arm, Triple Arm

When every ounce in your pack matters. When precision, performance, and strength is everything. Introducing the Fourth Arrow Micro Base and Shoulder combo. The micro base and shoulder is even more lightweight and compact than our standard base and shoulder. Instead of using 3 plates on the base, the Micro Base only has 2 plates. It also has shorter bolts and only one set of spacers, helping cut down on extra weight. The Micro Shoulder is shorter and more compact than the original shoulder. This revolutionary new base is 14$ lighter than the standard base and is much more compact. 

This base and shoulder combo is perfect for any public land hunter or for anyone who moves their camera system around a lot.

    •    Super compact and our lightest system yet (14% lighter than our standard shoulder and base)

    •    Works with the Stiff Arm, Carbon Arm, and Triple Arm

    •    360 degree leveling on any tree

    •    Perfect for any public land hunter

Note: Because of the shorter base design, make sure you strap the base very securely. Always slide the strap ends to the top of the base when mounting. Having the straps at the top of the base will make your whole system more secure.

Note: The Micro Shoulder IS compatible with the Standard 2.0 Version Base. However, the Standard 2.0 Shoulder is NOT compatible with the Micro Base. **The Micro Shoulder is NOT compatible with the Original 1.0 Version Base.**


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