Monopod Turkey Deluxe Filming Package

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Monopod and Stake Kit

Using a Fourth Arrow Monopod just got even better! Attach the Fourth Arrow Monopod Stake to the end of your monopod and let the Monopod to stand on its own. A great option for those of you filming turkey hunts or self filming any stalk hunt.

  • Great for any self-filmer
  • Best seller for run-n-gun hunts
  • Works best in loose soils

POV Flex Clamp Mount

This flex clamp mount makes it super easy to get cool pov shots. Includes a 1/4" - 20 adapter so you have compatibility with most action cameras. Flex clamps mounts work great for bending to find the right angle.

POV Stake

Looking to get a super cool POV angle during your next hunt? Mount an action camera on this stake and stake it out by your turkey decoy or bear bait pile. A super easy and fun way to capture all the action up close


  • Monopod and Stake KIT
  • POV Flex Clamp Mount
  • POV Stake