Outreach Arm

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    •    Extends out to a total of 6 feet
    •    1/4” 20 mount (you will need a 1/4” 20 adaptor for your action camera)
    •    Capture incredible second angle shots
    •    Multi base system available

    •    Base simply screws into tree like a bow hanger


•    Outreach Arm

•    Outreach Arm Base

POV Mount Tips for Filming Hunts with Become 1

Extends Out To 6 Feet

1/4" 20 Mount

Capture Incredible Second Angle Shots

Customer Reviews

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Ron Howard
Great addition

This is a must have for those unique second angles when using a secondary camera like a GoPro. Light weight, easy to pack and set up.

Brian Wensel
Must Have Accessory!!

If you use a GoPro or any POV camera, this handy gadget is a must have! In fact, pick up a couple extra screw in mounts so you can either reposition it quickly or move to a second stand location!!

Great 2nd angle

This makes it easy to have a 2nd angle. Also easy to adjust so you can change the desired angle. Easy to set up and very light weight.

Donald Deems
Great addition

I absolutely love how lite it is. It is a great addition to my camera setup. I use it for wide angle shooting.

Anday G
Wide Camera Angle Shots

If you are looking to add an extra element to your hunt by using a POV camera this is a must have. This arm will give you the ability to get a wide angle shot either over the shoulder or my favorite is looking back toward the tree stand. You can mount the tree screw either above your position or below your position then adjust the angle of the arm to get the desired shot angle.