SaddleLite Arm and Rail Kit

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Saddlelite Arm

  • Ultralight and Compact Design
  • Arm and base are separate for ultimate packability
  • Tool-less leveling to almost 20 degrees
  • Cam buckle strap for silent setup
  • Rated to hold 5 lbs
  • Perfect arm for any saddle hunter filming with a cell phone or small handycam
  • MADE IN THE USA (strap is imported)
  • Camera heads available here (sold separately)

Rail Mount

  • Rated for up to 6 lbs of camera
  • Clamps to the shooting rail of ladder stand or climber stands
  • Works with rails up to 1.5”
  • Easily levels for when your shooting rail isn’t level


  • SaddleLite Arm
  • SaddleLite Base
  • Cam Buckle Strap
  • Rail Mount
  • SaddleLite Rail Mount Adapter

Rated To Hold 5lbs

Perfect Arm For Filming With A Cell Phone Or Small Handycam