Stiff Arm Pro Base HD

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  • Stiff Arm Pro Base HD (Heavy Duty)
  • 1.5" Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap

The Stiff Arm Pro Base HD provides even extra strength for those large camera rigs. The Pro Base HD mounts directly to the back of the 3.0 Shoulder with 4 allen bolts. This makes the base and shoulder all 1 piece for added stability for heavy weight rigs.

  • Mounts to back of shoulder with 4 allen bolts for added strength
  • Easily mounts to a tree
  • Long ratchet strap for strapping to almost any tree

For use with the Stiff Arm Pro. Rated for up to 18 lbs.

*Compatible with all standard Fourth Arrow kits that include a 3.0 shoulder.


pro base hd