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Shoulder and Base Combo-Version 2.0 (KIT)

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New 2.0 Version Base and Shoulder Combo

Do you have a 1.0 Version Base and shoulder and want to upgrade to something even better? The 2.0 Version Base and shoulder combo pack makes your system more compact and more stable.

Note: The 1.0 version shoulders work with the 2.0 version bases. Also, the 2.0 shoulders work with the 1.0 version bases. However, extra stability is only achieved when using the 2.0 shoulder in conjunction with the 2.0 base.

Affordable bases are the backbone of the Fourth Arrow Camera Arm System. Affordable bases allow the cameraman to sneak into spots undetected. Simply set the base up once and rest assured there will be no need for ratcheting a base to the tree upon arrival. Simply secure the shoulder to the base and install the arm. Ready to go with minimal noise. Base includes all pieces and tools needed for assembly and a five foot ratchet strap.

The “Shoulder” is the key part of the Fourth Arrow Camera Arm System. It is the joint between the base and the arm. The Fourth Arrow Shoulder allows you to affordably own a base for every treestand set. The shoulder slides firmly and locks into the base. After the shoulder is leveled with the included tool, the Arm may be placed in the socket of the shoulder and you are ready to video your hunt! The Fourth Arrow Shoulder is the single largest innovation change that sets Fourth Arrow apart from other camera arms.

Compatible with the Stiff Arm, Carbon Arm, and Triple Arm.