Standard Tree Base - Version 3.0 - 4 Pack (KIT)


New 3.0 Version base.

Introducing the new 3.0 version base. The new simple design is over 30% lighter than the 2.0 base. The new base design coupled with the new non-stretch strap makes the new 3.0 super solid against the tree.


•    (4) 3.0 Version Base
    •    (4) 5 Foot Non-stretch Ratchet Strap

Affordable bases are the backbone of the Fourth Arrow Camera Arm System. Affordable bases allow the cameraman to sneak into spots undetected. Simply set the base up once and rest assured there will be no need for ratcheting a base to the tree upon arrival. Simply secure the shoulder to the base and install the arm, and you are ready to go with minimal noise.

•    Easily mounts to a tree
    •    Utilize the Multi Base system and put a base in each tree you hunt from
    •    5 Foot ratchet strap for strapping to almost any tree

Designed to be used with our Talon camera arm kits:

•    Fourth Arrow Talon Stiff Arm Kit
    •    Fourth Arrow Talon Carbon Arm Kit
    •    Fourth Arrow Talon Triple Arm Kit
    •    Fourth Arrow Talon Micro Triple Arm Kit

Not for the Stiff Arm Pro. Bases for the Stiff Arm Pro can be found on our website.

Rated for up to 10 lbs.

NOT compatible with the 1.0 or 2.0 shoulders. ONLY compatible with the new 3.0 Tool-less shoulder.

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