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Stiff Arm Pro - Version 2.0 Base 3 Pack (KIT)



    •    3 Stiff Arm Pro Bases

    •    2 Heavey Duty Ratchet Straps per base


Additional bases for Fourth Arrow Kits are vital in having multiple treestands set up for filming. The Stiff Arm Pro base is built and designed for the Stiff Arm Pro. However, use of the pro bases will provide increased strength and stability for all Fourth Arrow Camera Arms.

    •    Easily mounts to a tree
    •    Utilize the Multi Base system and put a base in each tree you hunt from
    •    Long ratchet strap for strapping to almost any tree

For use with the Stiff Arm Pro. Rated for up to 18 lbs.

*Not desinged for our standard camera arm kits (Stiff Arm, Carbon Arm, Triple Arm, and Stiff Arm Elite). However, it is compatable with our standard kits.

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