Talon Micro Triple Arm (KIT)

The new 3.0 Shoulders are shipping live! Limited quantities available.

The new 3.0 Shoulders are shipping live! Limited quantities available.

Introducing the ALL NEW 3.0 shoulder and Talon accessory.

      •     The new 3.0 Shoulder is Tool-less. 360º shoulder leveling is now faster, easier, and quieter than ever.

      •     The new Talon Accessory serves as a base for the new 3.0 shoulder. It mounts to the back of the shoulder making it an all in one base and shoulder. The flip-in Talons make it extremely packable. The 3.0 shoulder and Talon Accessory make this system 37% lighter than the previous 2.0 base and shoulder.

This Kit Includes:

    •    Fourth Arrow Micro Triple Arm
    •    Fourth Arrow 3.0 Shoulder
    •    Fourth Arrow Talon Accessory

    •    Non-stretch Ratchet Strap

Weight only: 1 lbs 11 oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, Talon, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 4 lb 3 oz lbs

Length of arm: 21 inches
 (ideal lengeth for saddle hunting but you may want a longer arm for treestand hunting)
Total Reach: 27 inches
Rated weight: 10 lbs

Micro Kit Features
The Micro Camera Arm Kit is the perfect option for those looking for the most compact camera arm system. This is the perfect kit for the saddle hunter (might not be long enough for normal tree stand use, but is a great length for saddle hunting). The three section arm gives you all the mobility you need for your camera system in the tree. The way the triple arm collapses down allows you to easily fit this camera arm system in your pack. The compact arm design coupled with the Talon system creates the ultimate lightweight and packable camera arm kit for any camera rig up to 10 lbs.

    •    Lightweight aluminum construction
    •    360 degree leveling on any tree
    •    Collapsable Base Talons
    •    Extremely packable design

    •    3/8” 16 threading for mounting a video head
    •    Fourth Arrow video head available for smooth camera motion