Talon Triple Arm (KIT)

PRE-ORDER ONLY. ITEM WILL BE AVAILABLE IN JULY. Our first batch of pre-order kits are sold out and should ship first thing in July, 2020. Any pre-orders placed now should ship at the end of July.

Pre-order items are available for pre-order only. Any order placed now will be shipped late August/early September.

Introducing the ALL NEW 3.0 shoulder and Talon accessory.

      •     The new 3.0 Shoulder is Tool-less. 360º shoulder leveling is now faster, easier, and quieter than ever.

      •     The new Talon Accessory serves as a base for the new 3.0 shoulder. It mounts to the back of the shoulder making it an all in one base and shoulder. The flip-in Talons make it extremely packable. The 3.0 shoulder and Talon Accessory make this system 37% lighter than the previous 2.0 base and shoulder.

This Kit Includes:

    •    Fourth Arrow Triple Arm
    •    Fourth Arrow 3.0 Shoulder
    •    Fourth Arrow Talon Accessory

    •    Non-stretch Ratchet Strap

Weight only: 2 lbs 6 oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, Talon, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 4 lb 14 oz

Length of arm: 34 inches

Total Reach: 40 inches
Rated weight: 8 lbs

Talon Triple Arm Kit Features
For those of you looking for a little more length and flexibility, the Triple Arm is a great option. With a total reach of 40 inches and the 3 piece design, you will be able to reach most anywhere needed.  The new 3.0 shoulder and Talon accessory make this triple arm kit lighter and more packable than ever.

    •    Lightweight aluminum construction
    •    360 degree leveling on any tree
    •    Collapsable base talons
    •    Extremely packable design

    •    3/8” 16 threading for mounting a video head
    •    Fourth Arrow video head available for smooth camera motion